business management


business management

Stop breaking
your business workflow

Don't loose your time on recurring issues. Let the system follow and track all your business's processes.

Realtime Tracking

Take control. All communications are automated, watching the threads and creating notifications when it's necessary

Unwrap your
real flow

Our developers create all the processes to achieve perfectly your workflow process tree.

The perfect tool
for management directors

Let us show you the perfect complement to empower your business. The control panel gives you the perfect feedback for decision-making

Empower your business with the Global Software Solution

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Key features

next in BPM solutions

Business Processes Management oriented software solution. To empower your business.

Realtime process tracking

Meet the real time company processes and status in anyplace.

Threading control

Keep the focus on each process avoiding human errors through automated management system processes.

Process control and multi language management

Coordinate and maintain centralized and localized control in local languages distributed processes.

Notifications and process alerts

Systematic and automated communication in the language of the recipient.

Tracking and customer management

Managing the relationship with customers and suppliers (CRM).

Analyze and reporting like Enterprise Resource Planning

Monitoring, analysis and reporting of overall productivity, processes and detailed (ERP).

Custom UI architecture

Personalized customer interface for each user.

Specific business sectoring

We develop our solution with a special focus on business sectoring.


Our team has extensive experience in different sectors. Developing specific and adapted to standars and specifications of the work processes of each sector solutions.

Jewellery Sector

Midas is the perfect software tool specialized in the field of jewelry

Manage all your business processes automated and easily with the latest technology and more advanced features and more capable than any other management software dedicated to the fashion Jewellery industry.

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Insurance Sector

Professional Management Cabinets Software

Solution focused on the management, administration and documentation for the sector expert cabinets. Deployed in a holding internationally and its various delegations.

Management expenses of experts, expenses incurred in claims, timing and penalties.

Financial intermediation sector Sector Intermediation

Our development team has experience implementing solutions for the banking intemediación.

With a solution able to manage all the processes involved in the management process of financial policies, risk assessment, calculation of fees, document management, brokerage agents, real time monitoring of the status of all processes, reporting, estimates , risk assessment, management and allocation of records.